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Me Nicolas Latos

  • Telephone0564 .txE 4291-839 (415)
  • Fax(514) 938-3676
  • moc.stacovaesiobmarfal@ln
  • Admission to the Quebec Bar in 2022
  • Language(s): French, English, Polish


L.L.B., University of Quebec in Montreal (2021)


Nicolas Latos joined the Laframboise team as a student in 2021. Now a lawyer in 2022, he practices mainly in civil and family litigation.

Hardworking, meticulous and professional, his work is always followed with integrity and dedication for his clients.

Me Latos is perfectly trilingual and will be able to defend the interests of his clients in French, English and Polish.

Associations & Activities

Participant in the internal civil law moot court competition Pierre-Basile Mignault

Volunteer student at the UQÀM Legal Clinic

Mentor at the UQÀM Law Mentor Center